Our products that listed in this website are the tours that we specialized and operated time and again. As you can notice our concentration is in the Himalayas but we operated tour just anywhere in India and also the neighboring Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Bangladesh and ShriLanka. Our network and associates are more friends and a team then business associates throughout India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. They are handpicked professionals and experts of their own region and known to us since decades.

Outmost care is given when formulating any tour. We appreciate and encourage our clients for an open and frequent communication during the tour formulation phase, because we feel that this phase carries the half factor of a successful tour. Communication gapes are more often the reason of an unsatisfied tour, and thus we request our clients to be more open and specified of their desires, choices, likes and dislikes, rest will be done.

Like any other region in the world, during the peak season the tourism infrastructure tumbles due to shortage of accommodation, transportation and man power. Thus we appreciate an early booking of such tours to have you the best of the regions.

Short notice tours may lack sometimes the creams but our professional handling and innovative itineraries and alternative solutions will make it sure that these factors are compensated and belittled with numerous activities and options that are ample in our bag.



If you are our first time client through this web site or references and contacts, any typical booking procedure starts with an QUERY through e-mails. Or for a faster and online help you may chat us online in many ways one to one: By assigned Chat ID (You do not need an ID or sign up an account, we provide you with a temporary one. All you have to do is fixed a convenient time with our online tour executive). You may also chat us through VOICE CALLING pc to pc absolutely free but you need to download SKYPE at your PC first and send us a call invitation and your convenient time. If it is an emergency query mail your TELEPHONE number or call us we shall call you back.


We have notice that most of the people are already decided on the places that they want to visit and number of days that they want to spend. But often our suggested routing or new area or activity has been happily accepted by our clients for an happy ending! We might often suggest client to take a special region or omit a region which is similar to the already visited region. Particular regions are popular for particular activities and we try to include the best possible parts in a tour itinerary as per the taste of our clients.


After understanding your needs we formulate an proposed itinerary for you with all the details. We need to know your budget and how we should spread it cleverly according to your choices: Accommodation and the mode of transport are the two main factors that are explained below. Apart from that there are many factors like guide or special activities that can be added are explained below.



Type of accommodation from basic, budget to luxury five stars or five star deluxe, special hotels and stay like home stay, monastery stay, heritage hotels, houseboat stay, beach resort, adventure camp, we consider your choice and only suggest if they are not a good combination with the itinerary. Please note that a typical 5 Star hotel in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet may be often similar to a 4 Star standard of Europian or Amerian one. But some of the luxury or heritage hotel in India can  not be compared to any in the world they are amazingly excellent. Hotel Lake palace Jaipur was voted world no ! in 2008.



We use different types of transportation means to actualize the tour and also to enhance them. For the clients whose itinerary consist of extreme distances between destinations and also have lesser time we use flights. We also use day trains and overnight train journeys to save time. Luxury air-condition coaches are used for bigger groups while comfortable air-condition private cars with professional drivers are used for tours between places.  Many short or longer tour in certain region is done by single vehicle and same driver throughout particularly the jeep safaris. For groups long tours are done in a single same bus throughout.



Most of our tours packages include accommodation with breakfast, private transportation and guide. Meals are usually not included in the big cities and we give our clients the chance to explore the culinary and dinning culture of the region. But in remote areas where there is less choice of standard and fine dining restaurant we usually include all the meals in the same hotel.

We also make all inclusive tour packages if one wish. At the bottom of all our tour itinerary and quotation we have a section for WHAT INCLUDES and WHAT DOES NOT INCLUDE.

Insurance are not included and clients are requested to do it from their home country before arriving here. For adventure sports, trekking and mountaineering clients MUST do the Insurance that covers air lift evacuation.


Local Guide:  A typical local guide is used for sightseeing. Usually these guides are certified except in the mountain regions where students, graduates and even monks do guiding as part time job. The Local guide would know more deeply the history, facts, philosophy and culture of a particular area and they are also Multilingual speaking fluent French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese.

Tour Escort: Tour escorts are generally professionals in tourism and will escort and interpret. They might not be able to explain the deep details of a monument, place or philosophy but they will make sure of safety, comfort and enhancement of your tour. He will also take you to off the beaten path, local houses, village ceremonies or current events.

Cultural Shows & Events: Cultural shows are performed by the local artist of the area in your hotel premises or at a fixed venue. Usually in the evening followed by a gala dinner. It is a fine way to interact with locals and enjoy and participate. These shows are popular in Ladakh, Kashmir, Himachal and Rajasthan.

Elephant ride: Elephant rides are done in Rajasthan. You can visit some forts by Elephant ride instead of walking. Elephant ride can also be done in some of the National park in Uttarakhand and Nepal.

Camel ride: They are more popular in Rajasthan and can be done for days also. In Nubra valley of Ladakh region you have the chance to ride the double hump bacterian camels.

Boat ride:  Boat rides are done in Varanasi, Uttaranchal and Kashmir. This is also a way to sightsee or to enjoy the sunrise or sunset in the rivers or Lakes.

Vintage car ride: This is quite a romantic ride and is particularly popular in the city of Jaipur.

Interaction: Meeting with an noted spiritual master, philosopher, writer, activist, artiste, scholar, King or Queen.

Sponsor:  A prayer performed for peace by group of Monks. OR A Havan performed for peace by a Sadhu at bank of Ganges

Flight Sightseeing:  Sightseeing by flight can be done in Sikkim and Nepal. These sightseeing usually last for an hour giving you a chance to be eye to eye with the mighty Himalayan peaks in twin engines small aircrafts. If you have less time or cannot trek or climb to these peaks you have this best choice.1

Short Adventure Sport: From few hours to days many adventure short sports can be added to your tour itinerary like: Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Trout Fishing, Bird watching, rock climbing, hot air ballooning, snow skiing, water skiing, diving, white water river rafting and Kayaking. These all sports are done under supervision of certified and qualified professional in India.

Relaxing & Health:  On a long tour itinerary it is a wonderful idea to add a relaxing activity at the end or middle or the tour. Activities like Spa, Ayurvedic massage, Yoga and Meditation can be done almost anywhere in India now a days.